Deoksugung Palace

12 July 2009
main gateDeouksugung Palace is one of the most favourite cultural site for tourist. There always a performance of Royal Changing Ceremony of the Joseon Dynasty everyday at 11:00,14:00,15:30 (if the weather is nice). When i came to here, it was on Saturday, so there were many people saw this ceremony and most of them are foreigner, like me. it is easy to get into thi place, we just need to take subway line 1 (City Hall) and you can exit from gate 12. from the exit gate, we just need to walk for less then five minutes. the big main gate of this Palace already we can see.
11 am, they started the ceremony. it was about five people came out from the Palace and made some sound to make the tourist there know that the ceremony would be started soon. it really nice performance since they did it very well. they was attracted all tourist there and everyone was concentrated to the ceremony.
After the ceremony end, we can take a picture with the guards. however, we have to queue since many people wants to take picture.oohh i forgot…one more thing, we can try “HANBOK” which is korean traditional clothes for free here. we only need to write our name and also our nationality then sign in. someone will help you to wear it, after that you can take many picture as you want with that hanbok. today it was fun because i learnt new Korean culture again and aslo tried my first hanbok.



i also came inside the palace, the scenery is so beautiful. i saw the king’s place and the garden