shopping…well,,i love shopping ^^
nearby JUMP studio, we can find shopping place, it is called Insadong. in insadong there are many art galleries and shops sell art things or handicrafts. shopalso, most of the shop is fixed price but some of them isn’t fix prixed, so we can still get lower price. many tourist come here to find gifts as a souvenir from korea. if you want to buyt hanbok, insadong has many hanbok shops, so we can compare the price first before we buy it. if we want to get the best quality of hanbok, it’ll cost a little bit expensive. but you won’t feel dissapointed. besides the shops and galleries, we also can see some performance from korean dance near the insadong tourist information building. performanceit is easy to go here. just take subway line 1 (jongno 3 ga station), you can exit at gate 3 or subway line 3 (anguk station) exit 1.