Namdaemun Market

namdaemunit’s shopping time,,,yey…

i love shopping very much, today i planned to buy some souvenir for my friends. then, i went to Namdaemun market which is located in nearby Daeksugung Palace. if we want to go there, we just need to walk about 10 minutes. the meaning of Namdaemun is great south gate.

Namdaemun is a large market in Seoul. in this market, we can find many souvenir, flower shop, clothes, etc. we can bid the price here. many shop don’t give fixed price. however, we can’t get half price from the given price. souvenirif we are lucky we can get the price that we like. also, many sellers here can speak Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese and English. so, don’t worry if you can’t speak Korean. when i went there i was surprise because when i looked at the clothes shop, the seller said like this “dua, lima ribu” (it’s indonesian language. that means we can get 2 clothes by 5000 won) well, that guy can speak Indonesian very well.

after that i looked around another shop, as usually i ask the price to the seller using Korean, but he replied me with Indonesian language. wew….it’s so amazing. then, i aksed him, how come he can speak Indonesian very well. he said that he have ever been stayed in Indonesia for 1 year. hmmm….that’s the reason. in that shop i bought many things since he gave me the cheapest price. ^^ he’s so nice to the customer, i think most of seller in there is very welcome to their customer, especially to foreingners.

there are many Korean souvenir. we can select the things that we like. the price isn’t too expensive, it still reasonable price. sell

i have suggestions if you want to buy souvenir there :
1. because Namdaemun is a big market, think first, what you really want to buy
2. look around first and ask the price because in every shop, they sell the same product
3. after you know the price, choose the cheapest one, but try to bid, so you can get the cheapest price
4. look carefully the souvenir, so you don’t feel dissapointed later.
5. one more, don’t go there when raining time because you won’t feel comfortable to walk around the market
6. ENJOY your shopping there ^^

how to go there:
take subway line 1 get off from City Hall station, exit no.7 then take a walk about 10 minutes from there.