Teddy Bear Museum

teddy bear…^^
wew…i think everyone in the world like teddy bear since the bear is so cute. usually boy give teddy bear as a present to the girl that they love. yepp…somehow teddy bear means love. you give teddy bear means you give your love to other people. korean teddy

in Korea,there are two teddy bear museum. one in Jeju-do and the other one is in Seoul tower. last two months i went to the jeju-do museum. you know what?? the museum is very amazing. i love teddy bear so much. when i was there, i didn’t want to go home since the museum is very comfortable.

we have to pay 8000 won (adult), 6000 won (age 14-18) and 4000 won (age <14). this museum open from 9 am -7 pm. there are so many teddy bear here, maybe more than 1000. the museum is divided into two, which is inside and outside. inside museum, we can see the teddy bear that represent korean drama (princess hours/gung), korean culture, space, etc. everything is teddy bear. princess hour teddythey organize the museum very well, so the visitor really enjoy the exhibition very much.

outside exhibition, they put BIG teddy bear there. we can hug it, it just like a monster.hahahha ^^ moreover, we can take a walk in the garden. but the teddy bear is made from cement. also, they play the music around the garden, so the visitor will not be bored. the garden is so big, i think this is the best museum that i ever came.

in this museum, there also a teddy bear shop, they sell the princess hour’s teddy bear, etc.my teddy bear (chinju)
everything is from teddy bear. the price is depend on the what kind of teddy bear. i bought princess hour teddy bear and the price is 26000 won, the quality is good and you can’t find the same teddy bear in other shop as i bought in here. if you feel a little bit tired after walking around and shopping, you can drink or enjoy the food in the cafe inside the museum. you can sit outside while seeing the beautiful scenery there and enjoy the fresh air.

if you are the fans of teddy bear, you HAVE TO come here either in Jeju-do or in Seoul tower.

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