O’sulloc (Tea Museum)

o'sullocthe first time i arrived in Jeju island, i went to this museum with all my exchange student friends since at that time we had 3 days field trip to Jeju-do. we got off the bus and directly can breath the fresh air. there is many tea trees, all the scenery is green, only some parts of it is yellow because there is a little bit of sun flower. then we dicided to come inside the museum. by the way, o’sulloc has a meaning. o means enjoy and appreciate. sulloc is just a name.

in this museum, we can see many traditional korean teas. outside museumhowever, the famous one is the green tea which is very healthy. also, we can learn how Korean usually drink tea. korean believes that if they drink a drink/tea from natural plants, it can helps them to maintain their health.

in here, they also sell many kinds of tea, cosmetics made from green tea, food and drink. at that time, i tried green tea milk shake, it costed me about 7000 won. it’s expensive, but the taste is so unbelievable. the smell and taste of green tea is so deep. i also tried the green tea ice cream; my friend bought it. it’s very delicious. green tea ice creamthe ice cream price is 2500 won. moreover, they also sell cake and cookies made from green tea. well, everything is made from green tea.
when we enjoy our food/drink, we can sit outside the cafe while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful green scenery. the garden interior is very artistic. uppss…i forget. even if the toilet, they make it very artistic and unique.

so, don’t forget to visit O’SULLOC when you go to Jeju Island.
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or if you only want to taste the food/drink, you can go to O’SULLOC Tea House in Seoul.
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