Seong Mountain (성산)

mountainanother place that i went in Jeju was Seong mountain. from the top of this mountain, you can see the sun rise and sun set so beautifully. however, i didn’t have chance to see it. in the gate of this mountain, there is a schedule for sun rise and sun set everyday. the time is change every month. so, if we want to go there, we can check first.

this mountain isn’t too high but the scenery is nice. this is the first time to hike again after 10 years ago. i never go hiking again because i always stay in Jakarta. in Jakarta, there isn’t any mountain. from the top of the mountaini felt so exited to reach the top of the mountain. at first time, i didn’t want to go up. but my friend said that i had to try to go there. he encouraged me much, then i tried to reach the top.

while walking, we were taking pictures and talking about this mountain. many tourist came here at that time. also, we got a new Korean friend. they came with their family. furthermore, we went down to the gate. in the bottom, there is small beach. we played there for a while before we ate lunch. you can imagine right, how was my feeling at that time? went to the beach and also mountain was a great exprience. i really enjoyed my time there. ^^ beach

things that you have to know:
1. we need to pay 2000 won before we come inside.
2. bring water, in the top of the mountain there isn’t any shop
3. bring small tower, maybe you’ll sweating
4. use your sneackers, it makes you easy to walk
5. CAMERA!!!

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