Korea for Muslims

1. Food

almost all people know that Muslim can’t eat Pork or drink alcohol. some of Korean dont know of this rule. that’s what happened to me when i just came to Korea. and even if my exchange students friends. some of them didn’t know about it. however, as time goes by, they understand why Muslim can’t do that.

furthermore, in Korea is a little bit difficult to find Halal food since most of the Korean food is made from pork. that was my feeling before i knew many things in here. bibimbapi always scare if i want to eat in restaurant. but now i know, i can eat in everywhere. just ask the chef like this “duejikogi issoyo? (is there any pork inside?)”. if he said “duejikogi opsoyo (no pork) “, we can eat that food.

this is some example of Korean food, please click here
after you see some of the pictures, you can imagine and choose the food that is halal to eat.

but i RECOMMEND for Muslims to choose the food, like:
1. bibimbap
2. dak gal-bi
3. dak dori-tang
4. sam gye-tang
5. udon
6. pa-jeon
7. ttetokbokki
8. all seafood dishes
9. etc

2. Prayer Times

prayer times in Korea is different in other country. we can check it by online. please click here
as a Muslim who have to pray 5 times in a day, so i will give some image what Korea is. mosque in itaewonin korea, there isn’t any musholla in the public area, such as in supermarket or any department store. there is Mosque in some city like Seoul in Itaewon or Daejeon nearby KAIST. my suggestion is before we go somewhere, we should pray first, so we will not miss our pray.

this is the link about Muslims in Korea : click or click or here

don’t worry if you are Muslim, you can still enjoy Korean life ^^