Bibimbap (비빔밥)

bibimbapBibimbap is one of the korean food that contains many kind of vegetables. this food is very healthy and delicious. when the first time i ate this food, i was a little bit weird because i had to mix all of the vegetables and rice with the gochujang (korean pepper). but the taste is nice.

usually the vegetables inside bibimbap are:
1. cucumber
2. mushroom
3. seaweed
4. spinach
5. zuchinni
6. put raw egg
7. you also can add beef (if you put beef inside your bibimbap, the name is different, it becomes dolsot bibimbap. dolsot bibimbap is served in hot stone bowl)

bibimbap usually serve in stone bowl and this bowl is hot, so the egg can be cooked. firstly, we put the rice with sesame oil then put all the vegetables and also the egg. Moreover, bibimbap also have some variations, such as hoedeopbap which contains raw fish (salmon or tuna). the price of bibimbap, usually around 5000 won or more than that.mixed bibimbap i already ate bibimbap quite often because it is halal and very healthy food. no colesterol. so, why don’t you also try bibimbap when you come to Korea or in Korean restaurant in your country??

or if you want to make it by yourself, this is the step to make it:
1. cook the rice
2. after the rice is cooked, put the rice into the hot stone bowl and mix with sesame oil
3. then, put the vegetables, egg and anything that you want to add more
4. if you already want to eat, mix it together

is it very easy right??