sam gye-tang (삼계탕)

my first sam gye-tangsam gye-tang is a korean soup that made from whole chicken and ginseng. this food is really healthy because of the gingseng. the taste is quite nice. the portion of this food is big enough for one person because they use whole chicken. maybe if you don’t feel really hungry, you can’t finish it.
inside the soup, there is not only the chicken but also there is rice. moreover, the rice is like a poridge since they put in together with the chicken. many foreigners like this food. instead of the healthy food, they also like the taste. after you eat sam gye-tang, you will feel really really full.

we just need:
1 cornish game hen
3 ginseng roots
4-5 dried chestnuts
7-10 whole garlic cloves
10 dried jujubees

all of those ingredients, we can find it in supermarket. it is a little bit difficult to make and takes many hours to make it cooked. so, that’s why it is very hot. we need some time to finish it. in korea, usually the sam gye-tang price is around 8000-10000won, but it also depends on the restaurant. since the first time i ate sam gye-tang, i really want to eat again. don’t forget to try it!!!