Everland (에버랜드)

yesterday i went to Everland with my friends. Everland is the biggest theme park in Korea. it was really fun because the game is very interesting. we play many games even if we have to queue for long time.
the first game that we play is T-Express which is the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world.T-Express it was really amazing and very fast. T-Express has many awards, like:
1. the greatest vertical inclination in the world
2. the highest roller coaster in korea
3. the fastest roller coaster in korea
4. the longest roller coaster in korea
at that time, we had to queue about 90 minutes. well, i scream a lot because the train going so fast and too high. i couldn’t open my eyes because i was scare. however, i still enjoy the game.

moreover, we play Flume ride. flume ridealso, we had to wait about 1 hour. this flume ride is also nice and we got a little bit wet in here. then, we moved to hurricane which is a megatone-grade tornado revolving 19 meters up from the ground. hurricanethis game is can make us dizzy. it was happen to me. so, my suggestion is after you play this game, just relax for a while.

furthermore, we queue the Championship rodeo game. it is a dance party spinning around and around with an array of catchy songs. but i didn’t play this game because i still felt very dizzy. the next game is Colombus adventure which is a dizzying viking ship falls from a height of 33 meters at a 75 degrees angle.ship i also didn’t play this game but my friend said that it wasn’t too fun.

we move to Let’s twist game. twistthis game also can make us feel dizzy but it quite nice. they will bring us about 140 -195 cm and spin us. after that we went to Double Rock Spin.double spinit is the powerful spinning. i didn’t try this game because is too scary for me. my friend said that the game was so nice. then, we saw small b-boy performance and moved to other place.

we planed to try T-Express again but because the queue is too long, we decided to eat and tried another game. then, we tried Amazon Express. this game is like rafting, they will bring us to explore the jungle. it can make you wet, but you have to try this game. then, we went back to home since it was already 10 pm and we had to catch the bus and also subway. but on the way back, i heard fireworks sound and it was true. there was fireworks. it really beautiful.

during summer, everland provide many attraction and parade. every summer, there is Summer Splash. summer splashthey will spray us with water and also they have night show. every season has different festival.

Everland also has nice view. so many flowers are blooming now. it so beautiful view.^^flowers

ticket price :
everland all day pass : day time 35000won and night time 30000 won, but because i have KB Bank “it play card” so i can get 50% discount
also, for foreigner they have special discount.
more on ticketing, please click here

1. if you don’t want to queue, buy Q-pass ticket. so, you don’t have to queue.
2. because everland is very big, you should prepare the game or the place that you want to try and go. it can save your time. if you need tour guide, you can ask in the information center. but you have to pay some amount of money.
3. take the map in front of the gate. you will use your map a lot later. in that brochure, there is recomendation place that you should go.
4. bring change clothes, in case your clothes get wet
5. come early during vacation time, if not you can’t try many games since you have to queue
6. the last bus is at 11 pm, so don’t miss it, if you go back with bus.

they have many buses to go to different station. so check the your map, for the bus destination. click here