Haeundae (해운대)

Haeundae,the first disaster movie in Korea, is very famous movie. the story of this movie is about the a giant tsunami. if you want to know more about this movie, please click here

Furthermore, Haeundae is one of the beach in Busan which is the second largest city in Korea.Haeundae in the night last 2 weeks i went there to attend the Korean Woman Scientists and Engineers workshop which is held in nearby Haeundae beach, Busan. i stayed there for three days two nights with all my exchange student friends and also our professors.

Day 1
we moved to Daejeon Station to take train. we went there from Daejeon to Busan by KTX (the fastest train in Korea), it takes about two hours by KTX. if we use bus or other train, it will take about three until four hours. it quite far from my city, so that’s why we took KTX. the fare is 26700 won. if we use mugunghwa, it only costs 16500 won.

after arrived in Busan Station, we waited for our bus which took us to nuclear power plant area. in there we saw the process how energy produced by nuclear.

then we ate dinner in korean restaurant nearby our hotel. we ate korean food which is 정말 맛있어요 (really delicious).GwangAn bridge then we checked in to our hotel, after that we played in Haeundae beach. the beach is really beautiful. also, we could saw the GwangAn bridge. that bridge has a beautiful light, if we come there with our love one, it will be more romantic, i think. GwangAn bridge is located in other beach which is a little bit far from Haeundae. but, i really recommend to go there during night time because the view is so beautiful.

many people had a small picnic in the beach, they just drank beer and ate snack, some of them played ball and listened to music. i think that beach is really nice to relax in night time. moreover, in near beach many seafood restaurant, so we can choose the restaurant if we feel hungry. nite in busannot just seafood restaurant, western restaurant and also there are a lot of mini markets.

then we found the photo box machine, this machine can take our photo and also video, then we can send it through our e-mail. this machine is provided in Haeundae beach for free, so why don’t we try to take our picture there.

moreover, we went to the fish market near the beach. in this market they sell so many fishes and also other sea animal, like crab, shrimp, etc. i was so amazing because i saw the big crab there.big crabthis market is so clean and the price is not too expensive. so, we can buy the fish or crab then we can cook it by ourself.

Day 2

because we came here to attend the conference, so we went to the Westin Chosun Hotel since our conference was held in there. that hotel is really near to the beach, so we can go to the beach easier. at that day is not many people came to the beach because it was Thursday. the beach look like so pretty. the sand is so clean and white.

Day 3

in the afternoon, me and other two friend went to 신세개(shinsegae) department store. that department store is recorded as the largest department store in the world.shinsegae because of that we went there, to make sure that the department store is really big. yepp, that’s true. inside the building, it has an ice rink, spa, even the small park in the bottom of the building. so, we can go there not just for shopping, we also can relax there. all the store is almost branded store, so we can see from the expensive store until the cheapest store.

after back from shinsegae, we straight went to the beach. we played in the beach, wrote our name and just playing with the sea. i love sea very much. Haeundae in the morningmany peopleplaying in the beachHaeundaeplay with the sea

in the night, we went back to Daejeon by KTX again. well, really nice trip in Busan.

tips to go to Haeundae:
1. bring along your sunblock
2. bring suitable swim suit
3. bring glasses
4. ENJOY the sea

with my name
visiting Haeundae in last summer holiday was the nicest place that i went. beach always nice in summer time^^
for more information about Heundae, please visit here