Soju (소주)

Soju is the most famous and favorite alcohol drink in Korea. Soju is made from fermented rice. in the past actually soju(소주) was named arakju (아락주) because it was influenced by arak (Mongolian alcohol).soju but korean government introduced soju as a liquor from Korea. the alcohol contains in soju is about 20%-45%.

many people said soju is the most not delicious drink in the world, but i still confuse why many people drink soju. i asked many of my friend, how is the taste of soju. most of them said that soju is very bitter. wew…i can’t imagine the taste.

how to drink soju:
pouringusually korean drink soju with their friends, family, boss or their professors while their eating. they drink soju with the small glass. that glass is only for one shot of soju.

to pour soju, we need to hold the bottle with right hand and left hand is hold the bottle neck. that usually we do, when we pour soju to older people than us. if between friend, we can just pour it with right hand only.

on other occasions, sometimes senior/elder people than us give soju’s glass and ask us to drink with him and after we drink, we should give that glass to him and pour soju to him. this attitude will make our relationship become much closer.

if we drink with the people who older than us isn’t polite if we drink it in front of him. so, we need to turn back our body a little bit while pretend to close our mouth a little bit. drink together

if someone give us the glass and ask us to drink, we don’t need to finish all immediately but it isn’t polite if we put that glass in the table without drinking it. just pretend to drink is still ok.

after finishing a glass of soju, it is better to return it or refilling it, but don’t hold it too long because it considers too rude.