2009 R16 Incheon World B-Boys Championships

R16 World B-boy Competition
From 24-27 September 2009, there will be R16 World B-Boys Championship in incheon. so, many the best b-boys from around the world will come and battle with other b-boys. this is one of the international events in Korea this month.


24 September 2009
Solo Battle Competition

25 September 2009
B-boy Crew Performance Competition

26 September 2009
B-boy Crew Battle Competition

Beside the championships, there will be other performances, like hip hop concerts. so, everyone who loves hip hop must come to see this event.

HIP HOP Concerts on 27 September 2009
hip hopers who will come are:
1. Rakaa of Dilated People (USA)
2. Roscoe (USA)
3. DJ P-Trix (USA)
4. Dumb Founded (USA)
5. Drunken Tiger (Korea)
6. Epik High (Korea)

for artist information, b-boy crew,mc and judge, click here.

about the TICKET, we must pay
adult : 15000 won
teenager: 11000 won
child: 8000 won
family ticket: (family of 3) 36000 won
(family of 4) 45000 won

how to get there??? there so many ways that you can take to go there, click MAPS.

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