Korea Sparkling Festival 2009

korea sparkling festivalThere is many festival around this September in Korea. one of the festival is Korea Sparkling Festival which is will be held in 12 September-27 September 2009. the opening of the festival will be held in Gyeonhuigung Palace (in Seoul).

Opening Ceremony 12 September 2009
there are several korean singer will perform when opening of festival, such as :
1. Lee Jung Hyun
2. Jewelery
4. Moon Hee Jun

participate team:
1. Nanta
2. Drumcat Concert
3. Drawing Show
5. Korea Show
6. Sachoom
7. Fanta-Stick
8. Baby
9. Fan Yan’s Bubble World

Performance team:
1. No Brain
2. Poppin Hyun Joon
3. Choi So Ri

i think this festival will be very awesome, so why don’t you bring along your family and friends to come here. please check this KOREA SPARKLING FESTIVAL for more information, like schedule, special performances and other schedule or click here