KTX,the fastest train in Korea, which is connect Seoul to Busan and Mokpo. it has a top speed of 350 km/h, limited to 300 km/h. this train is operated by Korail. KTX

KTX has different concept from other train, we can see from inside the train. it looks like airplane and also the service is really nice. they put small television and also we can listen to the music or radio. however, the price is a little bit expensive but it is equal to the services.

this pass is only available for foreigners, by giving our passport, we can purchase this ticket.

how to get it?
1. we have to buy by online reservation or in travel agency
2. then, change the ticket in any station (preferable change in Seoul station, Yeong-Deung Po station. Sae-Jeon station, Eaat Dae-Gu station, Bu-San station, Kyung-Ju station, Kwang-Ju station, In-Cheon airport railroad information and etc.

how much the ticket? in Korean Won
clasification adult, child, 2-5 people, age: 13-25
3 days use 75,900, 38,000, 68,300, 60,700
5 days use 113,900, 57,000, 102,500, 91,100
7 days use 143,900, 72,000, 129,500, 115,100
10 days use 166,000, 83,000, 149,000, 132,800

inside KTX
for more information about KTX and if you want to book the ticket, please click here