Seoul Grand Sale 2009

From 26 September- 25 November, Seoul will held SEOUL GRAND SALE which will give ENGeans and foreigners many discounts, such as restaurants, hotels/motels, shoping centers, beauty shops and cinema.

also, there are five kind of week to celebrate this event;
1. Cinema Week 11-17 October 2009
in this week, we can watch korean movie in CGV. for foreigners, if we buy one ticket, we will get another one ticket. so buy 1 get 2.

2. Palace Week 18-24 October 2009
this week we can experience many variety of events that can make you really feel about Korean culture in the past. this event will be held in Gyeonghuigung Palace and Unhyeongung Palace. also, you don’t need to pay anything to go inside the Palace because everything is free.

3. Beauty and Health Week 25-31 October 2009
this week, some of the beauty clinic will give special discount. so, we can try the skin treatment in many clinic that participate in Seoul Grand Sale program.

4. Night Shopping Week 6-14 November 2009
for people who love shopping, this is the best time for you to get many discounts from various department store and even boutique.

5. Hotel Week 15-25 November 2009
we can experience to live in first class hotel in Seoul. they will provide many luxurious things in this week.
Seoul Grand Sale 2009
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