Andong (안동)

Andong is one of the largest city in the northern part of Korea and also it is known as the center of culture and folk traditions. i have been there once about four months ago. i think Andong is the real culture city because the environment there is really represent many korean culture. mask dance

to get into the village, which is called Hahoe Folk Village, we had to walk around 30 minutes or we can take bus (pay 1000 won). however, i prefer to walk since we can feel fresh air and it is very interesting experience. inside the village, we can take a look around. there are so many traditional korean houses and all the houses still in the good condition. korean government really concern of the cultural sites very well.

after look around the environment, i went to see the mask dance. that dance is so unique for me, then i tried to learn that dance with other visitors.

when i visited there, i also ate the famous food in Andong, which isHeotjesabab
Heotjesabap it has a meaning dishes for fake jesa, this food is eat when celebrating the death aniversary.variety of bibimbap that serve with soy souce (ganjang), vegetables (namul), grilled fish and jeon. actually Andong has many other delicioud food, such as Andong jjimdak, Andog soju (a rice wine), Andong sikhye (a punch), Geonjin guksu (a noodle dish).

beside the food, there also many unique souvenirs that sell there. i bought one doll that wears hanbok with the Hahoe mask and some Hahoe key chains.

it was nice to visit Andong, if i have a chance to go there again, i really want to go there.
how to go there:
from Seoul :
1. Take bus at Dongbu Seoul Bus Terminal Station (Dong Seoul Bus Terminal Station, Subway Line No.2 Stop 214) to Andong. Then, take the No. 46 bus at Andong Station.
2. by train : take train from Cheongnyangni station. by taking Mugunghwa train, it’ll take about 5 1/2 hours to reach there

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