Mugunghwa (무궁화)

Mugunghwa is the cheapest train in korea and operated by Korail. we can travel around the country by spending a little money. even if it is so cheap, but is doesn’t mean that the service is poor. i took Mugunghwa many times to travel to Seoul and i felt so comfortable. mugunghwa

Mugunghwa is designed to have many standing people than the people who can sit. i had experienced about this situation. at that time, i tried to reserved by online, but all the seats already sold out. then, i just went to Seoul station an dbought ticket there. the ticket price only different about 2000 won for standing. moreover, even if i couldn’t sit, but i still can feel save during on the way back to Daejeon.

inside mugunghwa
the toilet inside Mugunghwa is also clean and there is train cafe. in there we can buy some snacks and drink. the price isn’t too expensive, almost the same as in supermarket.

Mugunghwa has 13 lines:Gyeongbu Line (경부선)
Janghang Line (장항선)
Chungbuk Line (충북선)
Honam Line (호남선)
Jeolla Line (전라선)
Gwangju Line (광주선)
Gyeongbuk Line (경북선)
Daegu Line (대구선)
Gyeongchun Line (경춘선)
Jungang Line (중앙선)
Taebaek Line (태백선)
Yeongdong Line (영동선)
Donghae Nambu Line (동해남부선)

if you want to reserve train, want to know ticket price or just want to know the schedule of Mugunghwa , please click here