Saemaul (새마을)

the front shapeSaemaul is the fastest train before KTX was established. this train was created by making the seat is quite larger and comfortable than mugunghwa.

last weekend i went to Seoul with my korean friend, at the first time we wanted to took KTX because we could arrived early. however, our plan changed since he asked me “have you ever try saemaul train?” then i replied “hmm..not yet, is it nice?” he replied again “yes, so why don’t we try?”. then, i felt so curious about the train, so we booked saemaul train.

the first time i saw the head of the train, i thought that it was KTX because the shape is almost the same. when i entered the train, i already felt the difference between KTX, Saemaul and Mugunghwa. the seat is so big and very comfortable. if KTX an mugunghwa, the seat is not too big.

VIP sitby using saemaul, we can reach to seoul only around 90 minutes, it is faster than mugunghwa. about the ticket price, saemaul is a little bit expensive but the service is equal to the price. last trip, we tried first class seat, it cost us 18400 won, for standard class it costs 14900 won. for children and old age people, the price is different. for more detail about the price, you can just click here

i love every train in korea since it is safety and very comfortable. so, if you want to travel around korea, i really suggest to use train because no traffic jam and you can arrive on time.