Makgeolli (막걸리)

Makgeolli or takju (탁주), one of Korean liquor, is famous among farmers. Also known as 농주(nongju = farmers liquor). Makgeolli is teh oldest Korean liquor. this liquor is made with fermented sweet rice. it looks like milk. there are two types of makgeolli, sweet and sour. the alcohol is low.

makgeolliHow to drink
usually Korean serves it with the large bowl of metal or wooden, then they take it by using ladle to their own cup. but before drink, we should shake it first because makgeolli isn’t filtered.

Makgeolli and health
even if Makgeolli is alcohol drink but because of the content is low, so it will not harm our body. it just can relieve our stress.

moreover, makgeolli is made from natural ingredients. it contains vitamin B and many proteins, so it really good for our skin. the organic acids inside makgeolli give many effects to our skin. first, that acids make strong the makgeolli taste and help a lot to our digestion. second, it will prevents our skin from freckles or liver spots because our blood circulations become good and also it will wash away the elements that are inside body when someone get tired. Makgeolli in bottle

least but not least, makgeolli also can prevent from high blood pressure disease and heart problems or arterial sclerosis. with all of this reasons, makgeolli isn’t just alcohol drink but also medicine.

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