Pajeon (파전)

Pajeon, korean pancake, is one of my favorite Korean food. when the first time i ate pajeon is in one of Korean restaurant in Insadong, Seoul. at that time, i feel something different when i ate it. up until now, i really love pajeon. sometimes i make it by myself because it is very easy but really delicious for me. haemul jeon

there are two kinds of pajeon, haemul pajeon and kimchi pajeon, i love both of them. pajeon is made from simple ingredients, such as flour and green onion (already cut about 5 cm). for haemul-jeon we just need put baby shrimp and squid. for kimchi-jeon, we need kimchi as the main ingredients, so kimchi must be very delicious, if not the taste will not be nice.

How to make:
1. in large bowl, mix flour and a little bit salt and sugar then put water as much as we need. after the ingredients are mix, put baby shrimp, squid and also onion then mix it.
2. heat the pan with oil, after it already hot, sprinkle our dough into the pan. however, do not put all.
3. flip the pajeon after the color is a bit brown. after it cooked, put in the plate. it ready to eat now!!!^^

kimchi jeon
How to eat:
1. cut pajeon into the parts that we want.
2. eat with soy bean sauce, but sometimes i eat with mayonnaise or chili sauce.
3. usually Korean eat pajeon when raining. Since when we cook pajeon, there is a voice like rain. also, they eat with Makgeolli.