Jeongseon Rail Bike

“whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, it was really nice place. i love this place. i can see the beautiful mountainous of Korea. really really nice. even if the weather is so cold, we still having fun to play this game.

1. in front of the station
ants train

2. the train
the train

3. the beautiful side
the way,,so beautiful

4. so amazing
so amazing!!

5. my train
my train

6. restaurant from train
fish restaurant from train

the rail bike is so romantic place. if we go there with someone that we love, maybe it will be more amazing. this place is still in Gangwon-do province. we can really enjoy the beautiful scenery while we are riding the bike.

to ride the train will cost you : 18000 won for 2 persons and 26000 won for 4 persons.

how to go there:
1. from Dongseoul Terminal Seoul take bus to Jeongseon Bus Terminal. it takes about 4 hours
2. take bus to Yeoryang from Jeonseong Bus Terminal.
3. from Yeoryang take mini bus to Gujeol-ri station.

more information:
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