Pepero Day (빼빼로 데이)

11 November is a pepero day. pepero day is like valentine’s day. a company who sell pepero chocolate made today as a pepero day. pepero is a chocolate stick brand in korea. or maybe in other country, the brand is pocky. my pepero

so many people sell pepero today. it is really like valentine which many people will buy chocolate to their lover. today i got pepero for my friends. we just celebrate it like many Korean younger s.

at first i a little bit confuse because in every store, they sell pepero and other chocolate. then, i asked my korean friends. then i know what is the reason.

why they made 11 november as pepero day?
11 november is same like 11 11. since pepero is stick chocolate, so it is really represent the pepero’s look like. moreover, 11 11 means a couple. 11 is one person and if we add it 11, so it becomes two. 11 + 11 = 2
Pepero presents

Happy Pepero Day
pepero cartoon

Pepero also have a song, please click here

this is official Pepero website, you can find many interesting animation, but the language is only in Korean.