Jeonju (전주)

Jeonju is a capital city of Jeollabuk-do where is it very famous with the food, culture and sport activities. Actually, Jeonju is the place where the Joseon Dinasty was born. Also, Jeonju is a historic city that has many cultural performances, like Pansori (Korean traditional music performance).

Today i went to Jeonju with all my exchange student friends. it took one and a half hour to go there from Daejeon (Daejeon University) by bus. After we arrived there, we went to the Omokdae. we hiked to the top of the small hill. There is a Hanok house in the top.
The location is in 51 Naksujeong 5-gil, wansan-gu, Jeonju

Then we moved to the “Jeonju Traditional Culture Center“. after we arrived, we took a walk to the restaurant a little bit far from there. We ate Bibimbap because Jeonju is famous with Bibimbap.

Eating time finished, then we went to Pungnammun. It is similar to Namdaemun in Seoul. Pungnammun is one of the four gates of Jeonju city. It is located in the south. However, this is the only one gate that left since the other three gates already destroyed.
The location is in 172 Pungnammun-gil, Wansan-gu, JEONJU

Next is Gyeonggijeon. Gyeonggijeon was build in 1410 in the year King Taejeong. it was build in order to make a memorial of Han Lee. The person who made the family name. Nowadays, many people use this building as a shooting place.
The location is in 86 Taejo-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju
Opening hour: 09.00-18.00 (Summer)
09-00-17.00 (Winter)

Furthermore, we moved to Jeonju Hanji Museum. wew….. it was really interesting because we made Hanji by ourself. i really like this experienced. it is easy but we have to make it carefully. so our arts will look very beautiful.
Hanji1Hanji2Hanji3My art work

The last experienced that we did in Jeonju was traditional Korean wedding. i also participated in this performance. i became the helper of the bride. i wore Hanbok then help the bride during the wedding ceremony. In there, they also taught us how to bow.
wedding tablewedding 1wedding2wedding3wedding

What a beautiful experience that i got today. I wish later when i marry with someone that i love, i can use the Korean traditional wedding. I really want it since the way that Korean do is very unique for me.

How to go to Jeonju:
Take KTX from Seoul’s Yongsan Station then transfer to another train to Jeonju from Iksan station, around 2 hours 30 minutes will arrive.

You can stay in Hanok Traditional House
or take another cheap train but it takes a long time to arrive.

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