Chrysanthemum festival (국화국제)

when early autumn, i went to Chrysanthemum festival nearby my university with all my Korean-mate class. we went there in order to have a picnic with my teacher. from Daejeon university, it was only take about 30 minutes to reach there.

the scenery was so beautiful, everywhere is Chrysanthemum flower. it’s very colorful. every year korean government establish this festival. so, you don’t have to worry. the ticket price is not too expensive. it’s about 4000 won/ person.

autumn is a romantic season, i think. every color change. green turn into yellow. yellow turn into red. autumn is so beautiful. this is the best time to travel if you like flower or colorful environment.

Chrysanthemum Fragrance Festival ( October 20 ~ November 8, 2009)
Dong-gu Lake Dae-chung Nature and Ecology museum
ticket : 4000 won