Jimjilbang (찜질방)

what is jimjilbang? jimjilbang is like sauna place. it just similar but not perfectly same. if you go to Korea, you must try this place. you will get new experience. i think unforgettable experience, hahaha. why is unforgettable? because if you go there, you must be naked. but don’t worry, they separate for woman and man.

i have been there one time. the jimjilbang is really near from my dormitory. just walk 5 minutes, we will arrive there. the price is 7000 won, it’s quite cheap if you compare with other sauna place. many koreans like to go jimjilbang since it makes our body healthy.

when i went there, i’m very very very surprise since all people were naked. T.T ohh, i was shocked and couldn’t stand properly. my eyes always see to the floor. so funny, but very interesting experience. since, i was quite shy, i didn’t go to take a bath there. if you want to take a bath, you must naked. however, i just went to sauna.

you can choose which room that you want to try. from the normal temperature until very very very hot. also, there is a cool room. so, after we go for sauna, we can enter the cold room to make our body temperature be normal again.

first time i entered the normal room, i felt so so so hot. but in a few minutes, i can stand there and almost fell a sleep since it was so comfortable. then i tried to other room which is hotter than that room. wow, i was sweating a lot. so fresh and nice to go there.

my friend asked me to get in to the hottest room, when i step my foot there, i already couldn’t stand anymore. it’s really hotttttttttttt….almost 100 degrees.

moreover, in jimjilbang you can stay overnight there. there is a sleeping room. jimjilbang is already like your home, also there are television room and restaurant. usually, when korean rest in meeting room while watching television, they eat boiled egg that you can buy in the small shop inside jimjilbang. you don’t need to bring many water because they provide water. that’s something that i like from korean culture. water is everywhere and it’s free.

price : 7000 won ($7), if you come after 9pm, you need to pay 8000 won

they will give you:
1. clothes
2. cupboard key to put your things there
3. towel

suggestion before go there:
1. prepare your own shower things (soap, shampoo) so, you can take a bath there
2. don’t bring camera & take picture inside shower room. you can take picture in the meeting room only.