Dalki (딸기)

dalki in korean means strawberry. i visited here after i went to English village. you can imagine right?? dalki is everywhere. to get into this place is free, but if you want to enter some children play room, you have to pay some amount of money.

i love dalki much. i don’t know why but not just dalki, also the real strawberry, i love it. i took many pictures when i came here because this place is so unique. this place is suitable for family who already have children. since there are so many children play room that really interesting.

besides that, there also dalki pizza restaurant. in that restaurant they sell ordinary pizza but the architecture inside is dalki.

well, everything is dalki. toilet also from dalki sign. so creative they made this place.

actually dalki is a korean animated show. they have 6 members;
1. dalki (strawberry)

2. banana

3. dolbam

4. dongchimee

5. lemon

6. subak (in korean means watermelon)

furthermore, there is some store that sell all dalki products. i bought some things there, like pencil case. it’s so cute and not too expensive.

how to go there:
1. same step like going to english village
2. wait in the bus stop in front of english village, and wait for the bus in the other way. it’s only take around 10 minutes to arrive there. just pay 900 won with your transportation card.

there are several sites about dalki:
1. dakliworld
2. iilkedalki
3. dalkis