English Village (영어 마을)

a few months ago, i went to English Village. this village represents western culture. when you go there, you will feel you are not in Korea. maybe you will think, you are in UK since every structure’s building like European architecture.

sometimes there is a performance, like musical performance, dancing or etc. this place also often being a shooting place. if i’m not mistaken Girls Generation also had some shoot in here.

this village is in Paju where nearby North Korea border. actually there is a reason why Korean government build this place. they want their people can speak English. in here, usually in every week there is English class, cooking class or many other activities.

how to go there:
1. take subway line 6 or 2 to Hapjeong station exit 2/1
2. take bus no 2200 to Hyehri Art Maeul, then get off in english village (yeongeo maeul). bus ticket 1800 won. but if you use transportation card after you use subway, they will charge you only 900 won.

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