nami island (남이섬)

nami island is the place where korean drama “Winter Sonata” took place. this small island located nearby Seoul. to reach this island we need to take ferry. i went there with my roommate, she is Filipino.

last December i went there, i think winter is the best time to go nami island because it will match with the drama title “Winter Sonata”. even it’s a small island,we can see many big trees, really beautiful. i think this is the best place that you can go with your girl/boy friend since this place is so romantic.

when i went there, snow felled. you can imagine right how was my feeling and the environment around there? really really nice view. everything became white, very beautiful, even if really cold. i need to use my gloves, if not my hand will freeze. also, because of the temperature was so low, i couldn’t take many pictures. my hand was the problem. i didn’t use my glover because my roommate didn’t bring, so i gave to her.

we walked around and took pictures. we really enjoyed the scenery. furthermore, they marked all the shooting place, for example first kiss shooting place, etc. so, we can know the location that we must take picture. there are so many foreigners came here. i could notice they speak Chinese, Indonesian, English, etc.

after we finished our tour, we ate ttakalbi (닭알비) in outside nami island. Ttakalbi is the most famous food in nami island, if you go there, you must to try. The taste and the serving style is a bit different. i love this ttakalbi.

while enjoying the ttakalbi, the snow still fall down until we arrived our dormitory in Daejeon.

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