i am in korea again


2 weeks i already in here….now i will write again about my life in korea 🙂

but this time, i visit korea just for meeting friends and culinary travelling because i love korean food.

well..i got really cheap ticket to go korea this year..i am so happy because i can meet all my friend again and step on kimchi land. all the visa things and ticket already done. actually i almost can’t go here since my final exam was postponed until the middle of december T.T so hopeless but suddenly they give me good news 🙂

14 December 2010 i flied to incheon airport. when the plane touch down the land suddenly i cried. dunno why but i felt like i am going home. yep… Korea is my second hometown. my tears kept wetting my cheeks.

in immigration line, the officer ask me “대전에 어떱게 갈거예요?” then i said “버스로 친구와 같이 갈거예요” hemm good thing my brain work so good, i could answered his question. he asked me like that because i wrote in the arrival card i will stay in daejeon univ dormitory by using hanguel.

after got permit to step in Korea, i prepare for the clothes and everything. so cold outside, they said minus 7 degrees. wew….when i got out from the arrival lounge, i looked for my best friend and yep got it….couldn’t say anything..i only can smile and said “yeay, i’m here”

then i called my mom first that i already arrived in Korea. hahahha….also i talked to other friends…really miss them. after that, we directly went to Daejeon by using bus. it was so cold outside…

yeay!!! finally i arrived in Daejeon (my hometown). everything still the same, only small changes that happen in here 🙂 so lovely city ^^

tteokbokki was the first meal in Korea. i really love this food 🙂

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