Muju Resort (무주 리조트)

Muju resort is one of my favorite place in winter since there environment is so beautiful there. muju is not really far from daejeon, only takes about 1 hour to reach there. muju is nice if we go there on winter because we can play ski in there.

let's slidding!

on December 2009, i went there with my ASEAN friends and some of my chinese and japanese friends. we went there by bus and took around 1 hour to reach Muju Resort. However, at that time the weather wasn’t too cold, so we could play many things.

let's sliding, So!

Snow sliding is interesting game since you can play together in one snow board or you can play alone. Usually there will be a competition that will arrive first. I played the snow sliding with my roomates (So) and also other friends, you can see how this game is so exciting by watching at the video (i’ll upload later).

To play ski, you need to spend around 100000원, to rent the clothes and ski equipments. However, if you want to do another activity in muju, you can try to play snow sliding. Actually it is for kids, but you can also play it.

playing snow with princess

if anyone of you had watched 국가대표 (Take Off), you will realize that some of the scene was taking in here. This movie become one of the best movie in Summer 2009.

Must watch Take Off!

How to go there: by bus take from seoul nambu terminal then when arrive in muju bus terminal, take muju shuttle bus.

together with ASEAN friends

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