Korean Strawberry (딸기)

I love strawberry since I was a kid. For me strawberry isn’t the ordinary fruit. it has its own taste that can make me feel fresh after eat this fruit. When my second day in Korea last 2009, my Korean friend gave me strawberry and asked me to eat. since that time, i am fall in love with Korean strawberry because wherever i eat strawberry the taste is never be so great like this.

you won't regret once you try it

when spring comes, we can find strawberry everywhere and with cheap price. i used to eat strawberry as my meal during i was in front of my laptop. usually i buy a big box strawberry and spend around 5000 won each box. however, i got the best quality one.

drink coupon

in Daejeon downtown, you can buy strawberry juice only for 1000 won. even if the price is cheap but i guarantee the taste. jinjja masissoyo. it really can make your tongue won’t seek other drink. if you buy one juice, they will give you a coupon. so, next time when you buy again, they will put stamp and after you buy 10 juice or other drink, they will give you one free drink.

if you really want to try korean strawberry, click like to this picture