Seoul is crying (서울 물난리)

flooding in han river

really sad to hear and see what happen in Seoul recently. after talking with one of my Korean friend who stay in Seoul i felt so gloomy. i only wish that the condition will back to normal soon. I’ve heard that this is the biggest natural disaster after 104 years ago.

non stop raining for three days made flooding in the city and land slide in some area. it killed many people and disturbed almost activities and of course give impact to the Korea’s economy. this is almost same like what happen in Jakarta several years ago, at that time i was in junior high school. i even couldn’t go anywhere and just stay at home waiting for others help.

moreover, i think this year the weather isn’t normal since early of the year there was nonstop raining plus snowing for almost three days. the snow was so thick but the weather wasn’t too cold. umbrella is the most important thing to bring.

anyway, from what happen in Seoul and other parts of countries, it proofs that the earth needs hug from us. let’s give more love to our world 🙂

keep praying for seoul, hope be healthy soon, 여러분 조심하세요