Delicious SEOUL Story – The Uniqueness of Tteokbokki

This is how I show my passion and love to KOREAN FOOD ^^
Tteokbokki is Korean street food that really famous in Korea nowadays since many foreigners love it 🙂

Details of The Recipe

Main Ingredients
• 2 Cups Sticky Rice Cake Sticks
• 2 Fish Cakes
• 1 Cup Cabbage
• 1 Cup Potato
• 1 Cup Wood Ear Mushroom
• ⅔ Cup Onion
• ½ Cup Carrot
• 1 Cup Green Onion

Sauce Ingredients
• 3 Tbsp Red Pepper Paste
• 1 Tbsp Red Pepper Powder
• ½ Tbsp Sugar
• ½ Tbsp Salt
• 1 ½ Cup Fish Broth
• 1 Cup water

1. Slice ½ cup worth of an onion into quarter inch pieces. Cut ½ cup worth of a carrot diagonally. Cut 1 green onion into ½-inch pieces. Cut ⅔ cup worth of cabbage into quarter inch pieces.
2. Cut the cooked fish cakes and the sticky rice cakes into 2 inch pieces. On high heat add water and put rice cake, soak them in water for 20 minutes.
3. Fry the garlic and onion until it change the color into light brown.
4. Add the carrot, cabbage, wood ear mushroom, and potato. Cook until they are half cooked.
5. Add rice cake. Cook it for about 5 minutes until the rice cakes become soft on medium-high.
6. Add the fish cakes and cook for 1 more minute.
7. Add the green onion, cook for another minute, and then turn off the heat.

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한국 음식을 진짜 맛있고 대박이야!!!

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