South Korea


it’s famous food from korea and it is made from vegetables, mix with some seasonings like gingers, onion, fish sauce. korean believes that if they eat kimchi, they will healthy. everytime they eat, every restaurant, they always provide kimchi. kimchi pots
i like to eat kimchi but not all kinds of kimchi. kimchi has many varieties. it depends on regions, ingredients and taste since in south of korea and north of korea the temperature is different.

the kimchi from north of korea, the taste is not salty, not too spicy and they don’t put seafood for adjusment. in the south of korea, they make it salty, spicy and put dried shrimp to their kimchi. furthermore, korea has four seasons, so kimchi also depends on the season. it takes time to make kimchi, so korean usually prepare kimchi long time before. the way you make kimchi, it will affect to the taste.

in winter, usually they eat baek kimchi. it is made from radish, red pepper, onion and ginger.
baek kimchi
in spring, they eat gimjang kimchi
kimjang kimchi
in summer, they eat yeolmu kimchi
yeolmu kimchi
in auntumn, they eat baechu kimchi
baechu kimchi

korean always says that kimchi is spicy, but for me i think it just so so and a little bit sour. however, as i said before, kimchi is healthy because it contains high dietary fiber and low calories. it rich of vitamins and can reduce the cancer growth and also can treat the avian flu. see, how’s the function of kimchi??? try to eat kimchi, i know you will feel so strange when the first time you eat it. but, if you try many kinds of kimchi, you will like it much ^^


pink mungunghwaMungunghwa is national flower of Korea. this flower usually bloom in the beginning of July until October. at that time you can see mungunghwa everywhere. the flower is quite beautiful. the english name of mungunghwa is rose of sharon.white mungunghwa mugung means immortality and hwa means hearty flower. so, mungunghwa means immortality blooming the hearty flower. mungunghwa has two colors, pink and white, but sometimes they combine the color.