nami island (남이섬)

nami island is the place where korean drama “Winter Sonata” took place. this small island located nearby Seoul. to reach this island we need to take ferry. i went there with my roommate,… Continue reading

Dalki (딸기)

dalki in korean means strawberry. i visited here after i went to English village. you can imagine right?? dalki is everywhere. to get into this place is free, but if you want to… Continue reading

English Village (영어 마을)

a few months ago, i went to English Village. this village represents western culture. when you go there, you will feel you are not in Korea. maybe you will think, you are in… Continue reading

Jimjilbang (찜질방)

what is jimjilbang? jimjilbang is like sauna place. it just similar but not perfectly same. if you go to Korea, you must try this place. you will get new experience. i think unforgettable… Continue reading

Chrysanthemum festival (국화국제)

when early autumn, i went to Chrysanthemum festival nearby my university with all my Korean-mate class. we went there in order to have a picnic with my teacher. from Daejeon university, it was… Continue reading

Jeonju (전주)

Jeonju is a capital city of Jeollabuk-do where is it very famous with the food, culture and sport activities. Actually, Jeonju is the place where the Joseon Dinasty was born. Also, Jeonju is… Continue reading

Pepero Day (빼빼로 데이)

11 November is a pepero day. pepero day is like valentine’s day. a company who sell pepero chocolate made today as a pepero day. pepero is a chocolate stick brand in korea. or… Continue reading

Jeongseon Rail Bike

“whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, it was really nice place. i love this place. i can see the beautiful mountainous of Korea. really really nice. even if the weather is so cold, we still having fun to… Continue reading

Seonam Village (서남 마을)

This is the first place that we went when i got free trip from KTO. the place is Seonam Village in Gangwon-do. in here, we can see the Korean Peninsula Shape. there is… Continue reading

Chuseok (추석)

What is Chuseok? Chuseok is one of the biggest celebration in Korea. chuseok means thanks giving. it just a little bit same with western culture. however, chuseok is celebrating harvest season. the other… Continue reading