Super Junior (슈주)

SUPER JUNIOR,,,,wew…… i think when everyone hear about Suju, they will scream and sing “sorry..sorry..sorry..sorry”. yepp….super junior is one of the boyband who is really successful nowadays. they single sorry sorry become the… Continue reading

Kimbab (김밥)

kimbab is usually we eat in breakfast time. kim means dried seaweed and bab means rice. so, kimbab is mad from dried seaweed, rice and another vegetables. kimbab is very healthy food and… Continue reading

Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

Tteokbokki is my favourite Korean food. one day my korean friend asked me to eat Tteokbokki, then we went to small shop nearby our campus. there so many Tteokbokki shops. so, i ate… Continue reading

Seong Mountain (성산)

another place that i went in Jeju was Seong mountain. from the top of this mountain, you can see the sun rise and sun set so beautifully. however, i didn’t have chance to… Continue reading

O’sulloc (Tea Museum)

the first time i arrived in Jeju island, i went to this museum with all my exchange student friends since at that time we had 3 days field trip to Jeju-do. we got… Continue reading

Teddy Bear Museum

teddy bear…^^ wew…i think everyone in the world like teddy bear since the bear is so cute. usually boy give teddy bear as a present to the girl that they love. yepp…somehow teddy… Continue reading

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Please choose the best place in Korea,, thank you


shopping…well,,i love shopping ^^ nearby JUMP studio, we can find shopping place, it is called Insadong. in insadong there are many art galleries and shops sell art things or handicrafts. also, most of… Continue reading

Namdaemun Market

it’s shopping time,,,yey… i love shopping very much, today i planned to buy some souvenir for my friends. then, i went to Namdaemun market which is located in nearby Daeksugung Palace. if we… Continue reading

Gyeongbokgung Palace

today i went to this palace with my friend. this palace is bigger than Deoksugung palace. however, suddenly rain came so heavily. it really disturbed my journey. then, i bought the entrance ticket… Continue reading