seoul mapseoul towerSeoul is the capital city of Korea. Seoul is busy city and there are a lot of people there. even if many people come to Seoul to work, but Seoul still have many interesting places and also cultural site. So, we can say that Seoul is rich because it has many things inside. In this page i want so share my experiences in Seoul.

i think the most convinient transportation is subway. it’s fast and easy to find it in Seoul. every place that we want to go, most of them is nearby subway station. and also , the price is cheap 900 won = 0.70 USD for 10 km if you use transportation card, but if you just buy from the machine ticket it’ll cost 1000 won for 10 km. if you travel more than 10 km, it’ll charge you 100 won/5 km. if you use subway, no need to worry about the traffic jam, and also the train will come every several minutes.

inside the train is very wonder, subway in Seoul is one of the most use transportation in the world. since everyday, there are a lot of people use inside the subwaythis transportation. it’s about 8 millions trip daily. there are 11 line subway. yess….so many..sometimes a little bit confuse when you want to transfer to other line, but don’t worry about that because in every station there is subway map. so, you can take that map and use it as your tour guide, then you won’t be lost anywhere. moreover, in the subway they also use english audio instead of korean language. for example, when the train will arrive in one of the station, it’ll say like this “this stop is city hall. city hall. the door is on your right

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