my name is Ni Nyoman Yudhiarti Pendit from Indonesia. just call me Nyomie/ Ni. i’m a university student in Universiti Utara Malaysia, my major is Networking, junior year. but suddenly i had to go to Korea for 10 months to be an exchange student in Daejeon university as an ASEAN scholar in 2009. i love Korean culture, food, the way they live, etc. i enjoyed my time in Korea, so in here i want to share my incredible experienced for 10 months there.

my hobbies are traveling, reading books, taking pictures, listening to music, sleeping, eating, watching movies,etc. actually, since in the elementary school i like to write an essay or just short story. my desire to become writer became more and more higher when i was in third grade of junior high school. i took part in many writing contests, yep…most of them i got the first or second prizes. but when i was in senior high school i never wrote anymore, maybe because in my school didn’t have any media such as magazine, like in my past school. when i entered university, i began to write again up until now, so i hope, everyone can enjoy my story in this blog.

anyway i already came back to my normal university life which is in Malaysia. however, all good memories in Korea will not forgotten. i will keep sharing all my activities there.

for me the best quote in my life is

you can be everything that you want as long as you willing to do it

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skype : ni_nyomie

thank you very much for Korean Tourism Organization who already choose me as one of the 100 Top Bloggers

also, thank you for everyone who already read my blog and give comments. i’m looking for your advice ^___^