Delicious SEOUL Story – The Uniqueness of Tteokbokki

This is how I show my passion and love to KOREAN FOOD ^^ Tteokbokki is Korean street food that really famous in Korea nowadays since many foreigners love it 🙂 Details of The… Continue reading


also join this competition!!! Artists who already confirmed to attend KOREA-INDONESIA WEEK 2011 are: Lee Joon Ki, Lee Dong Gun, Andy-Shinhwa,Park Hyo Shin, Jung Jae Ill and Misra Jin.

Seoul is crying (서울 물난리)

really sad to hear and see what happen in Seoul recently. after talking with one of my Korean friend who stay in Seoul i felt so gloomy. i only wish that the condition… Continue reading

허각- 행복한 나를 (Feat.존박)

i love this song since the first time i hear it 🙂 this song is dedicated to someone out there Yeah girl listen You’re the only one for me baby And let me… Continue reading

Korean Strawberry (딸기)

I love strawberry since I was a kid. For me strawberry isn’t the ordinary fruit. it has its own taste that can make me feel fresh after eat this fruit. When my second… Continue reading

Fall In Love with KOREA

hii, my blog readers recently i join some competition to be an online PR ambassador for Korea designed by Korean Tourism Organization. this is the way to thank for KOREA as a country… Continue reading

Muju Resort (무주 리조트)

Muju resort is one of my favorite place in winter since there environment is so beautiful there. muju is not really far from daejeon, only takes about 1 hour to reach there. muju… Continue reading

Takalbi Party (닭갈비 파티)

small party meeting old friend… again i will talk about food, why? because i do a lot of food travelling. this restaurant is located nearby my dormitory. this is how the takalbi cook… Continue reading

Kimchi (김치)

i really love korean kimchi. first time i ate kimchi, my tongue couldn’t accept it but because i always eat everyday, so now i am getting used to it. in Korea, whenever and… Continue reading

i am in korea again

anyeonghaseyo……….. 2 weeks i already in here….now i will write again about my life in korea 🙂 but this time, i visit korea just for meeting friends and culinary travelling because i love… Continue reading