Gyeongbokgung Palace

gyeongbokgung main gatetoday i went to this palace with my friend. this palace is bigger than Deoksugung palace. however, suddenly rain came so heavily. it really disturbed my journey. then, i bought the entrance ticket to the palace. it cost 3000 won.

when i entered the palace, i saw many building there. it’s very artistic and very nice architecture. suddenly, i had many question in my head. inside the palace“how come in that time, the builder could made the beautiful place like this? and how they could thought about the architecture, the arts, etc?” it really amazing.

then, i walked around the palace, you know what??? it was more than i think. this palace is soooooo big and have many building inside. even though the rain keep on going, but i still have spirit and curios about this palace. suddenly i saw the high building and immediately i went there. there is a modern building inside the palace. it’s a National Folk Museum of Korea. folk museumso, i went there and walked around the museum. the museum has many things about the korean folk.

the rain is finish now. i didn’t have to use my umbrella anymore and could walked freely. i saw the small building, if we want to go there, we have to walk with the bridge. Hyangwonjeongthe name of this building is Hyangwonjeong. however, they don’t allow us to go there.

moreover, because of we already tired to walk. we decided to come back to main gate and take a rest there. but, we didn’t know how to go there. we saw a pavilion surrounded by lake. it is beautiful. in front of Gyeonghoeru pavilionthis pavilion name is Gyeonghoeru. this building is used when the king threw lavish banquets and received foreign envoys.

it almost 3 pm at that time, we had to go back to main gate to see changing guard’s performance. the ceremony was a little bit different like in the Deoksugung Palace. it took only less than 30 minutes. and just a little bit explanation from the narrator.

after the ceremony was over, we went to National Palace Museum of Korea. in there i got unique souvenir. we put the stamp into the postcard.

that’s all my journey for today. tomorrow i’ll be travel to another place.

my suggestion : i RECOMMEND you to come this palace. it really nice and don’t forget to bring snack. maybe you’ll feel hungry when inside the palace. don’t forget bring your umbrella and of course your camera.
you can see some of my photo in this slide